Cyance relaunches B2B platform in drive for FIT firms

data_driven2B2B specialist Cyance is relaunching its platform in a move which it claims will give business sales and marketing teams the deepest level of insight into the needs and drivers of their clients and prospects.

The platform offers a range of new features including a ‘FIT Score’ for each company, which gives users the ability to quickly select accounts to target based on a composite score including firmographics, technology matches, levels of intent and previous engagement.

The FIT score, improved user interface, enhanced audience selection features, audience market trend analysis and list building tools have all been designed to provide marketers with a platform for efficiently analysing the behaviour of new business prospects and stakeholders within existing customer organisations.

Following a major review of the B2B marketing landscape, Cyance found that identifying and prioritising key accounts, and then determining the next best action based on relevant data and deeper insights, is an overarching challenge for marketers.

This is becoming increasingly prevalent as more organisations adopt an account-based marketing (ABM) approach or indeed intent-fuelled PPC campaigns, which require more accurate, targeted and timely communications.

Cyance claims the FIT score takes intent data to a new level by generating an overall score for each key account, including firmographic data, such as geographic area, number of employees, type of organisation, industry and technologies deployed internally; intent score, based on Cyance’s improved data science and intent algorithms using signals from buyer committee behaviour across thousands of online sources; and sales triggers, such as previous engagement with a sales/marketing campaign.

The FIT score dimensions are calculated by Cyance’s proprietary algorithm and combined to reveal an overall score for each key account.

The company insists these insights will enable the user to quickly and clearly determine the overall suitability of their target accounts. This, in conjunction with the company view, which helps to determine the level of interest in a particular business topic, is designed to ascertain the ‘golden window’ of opportunity for engagement. Business topics can be selected from its existing taxonomy or personalised to align with own products and services.

The FIT score, company view and additional features aim to identify prospects during the research phase of their buyer journey, without suggesting false-positives or companies in which some research has been detected, but is not indicative of a real need.

This is imperative as Cyance’s research has found that engaging with buyers at the right time with the right solution can increase the probability of converting a sale by as much as 70%.

Cyance founded and chief product officer Jon Clarke commented: “Cyance exists to help B2B marketers prioritise those prospects that are more likely to buy, allowing them to focus resources, time and effort. They can reach the most receptive prospects with the right sales and marketing messages at the right time. In doing so, they can drive massive improvements in campaign performance and new revenue generation.

“The FIT score was a particularly important development of the platform as we wanted to build on our extensive knowledge of intent data and provide marketers with more layers of information to provide the most accurate insights possible.”

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