Digital bosses can earn £55,000 extra

Digital bosses can earn £55,000 extraDigital marketing skills are in such high demand that senior executives in the industry can command double the salary of their non-digital counterparts, according to an analysis carried out by a top recruitment agency.
The study, by Manchester-based firm The Candidate, compared the careers of 150 digital senior management professionals to 150 non-digital individuals at the same level.
The samples include some of the highest achievers in the digital and non-digital industries.
The findings exposed a £55,000 difference in salaries between people working in the top-tier positions, with an average salary for a digital chief being £130,000, compared to £75,000 for a non-digital executive. In London and the South-east, these salaries are likely to be even higher.
The study highlights how the fast growth of the digital sector, coupled with the shortage of skilled professionals to fill an increasing number of jobs, has seen more employers prepared to pay above average salaries in order to recruit and retain the best talent.
Brian Matthews, managing partner at The Candidate, said: “The demand for digital skills has increased rapidly in recent years as more companies realise how essential it is to have a digital workforce within their business. This has meant that companies are now more willing to invest in the right staff and pay higher salaries to keep them.
“It’s great to see how fast the digital sector has grown and continues to do so. Jobs that require digital skills are outperforming UK national average salaries, showing that digital employees are a highly sought after workforce.”
For a full version of the report, visit The Candidate website >

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