Direct mail industry group backs new Jicmail data tool

direct mail tooThe Strategic Mailing Partnership, the body which represents mailing and printing houses across the UK, has welcomed the launch of Jicmail Essentials, a new entry-level data tool, offering easy access to light-touch data to support businesses in planning mail campaigns.

The tool is said to be suitable for small to medium business users as well as new users looking to maximise the effectiveness of their direct mail, through the use of data.

Features of Essentials include the implementation of simple campaign metrics, top line cross media comparisons, samples of mail journeys of all types and the ability to set benchmarks in order to test and learn on the go.

It is claimed that Jicmail Essentials is a first port of call for users and will provide immediate value, while also acting as a stepping-stone to the organisation’s larger suite of resources and services, such as Jicmail Discovery.

Users can access this tool immediately, without the need for accreditation to access the data, and the accessibility and user-friendly aspects of the tool have been well received by the SMP.

Royal Mail Marketreach wholesale commercial director Phil Ricketts, who is also an SMP board member, said: “Jicmail has always been a crucial pillar of support for the mailing industry. The data it provides is market leading and has clearly shown to have a proven positive impact on customer communications across the sector.

“The introduction of Jicmail Essentials is another important step, as it creates a streamlined environment for new or less frequent mail users to immerse themselves in the resources and understand the value these can provide for any mail communications activity.

“This new tool also enables mail producers of all mail formats to take critical customer engagement insights and proactively share these with their customers to help them achieve even more value from their investment in mail.”

Jicmail director of data leadership and learning Ian Gibbs added: “As the name suggests, Jicmail Essentials provides new and old users across the industry with unobstructed access to essential data which can be utilised to amplify the impact of mail marketing campaigns.

“We’ve been happy with the response so far and we have no doubt that this tool will act as the perfect introduction for users to gain a better understanding of the data and resources available to them, which they can look to build out moving forward, and we look forward to seeing the results of this in future campaigns.”

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