Durex urges ladies to get moist and lube up for funtimes

durex moistFresh from tackling “back door” action, Durex is aiming to further shake things up in the bedroom with a new campaign designed to show the love for “moist” – apparently one of the most hated and uncomfortable words in the English language – as part of its strategy to get women to lube up and enjoy sex more.

The “Ladies, Let’s Lube” campaign first aired last year but the latest execution by Havas London goes full-on “moist” across a range of executions. The plan is that, by making people more comfortable with the word, the Reckitt Benckiser brand can normalise female sexual discomfort and promote lube as the solution.

The brand is on a mission to liberate good sex for all, and this campaign, for Durex’s Naturals lube range, aims to enable women to have sex that feels good for them, every time, the brand says.

Spanning video on demand, social, out of home, PR, and influencer partnerships, the activity is also supported by sponsorship on podcasts No Holes Barred, Loose Lips, Dear Joan and Jericha, The Girls Bathroom and The Emma Guns Show.

The campaign features a film, which simply showcases a diverse range of women saying the word “moist” to the camera, getting progressively more comfortable with, and empowered by, the word the more they say it.

It will be supported by executions running across social media, as well as on poster sites, carrying the word ‘moist’ in huge, unmissable type.

Out of home media is a priority for Durex going forward, to help normalise these sexual conventions proudly and publicly in society. To do so, the brand plans to run OOH at locations such as Westfield Square at Westfield London, the country’s largest outdoor motion screen.

Havas London chief creative officer Vicki Maguire said: “Moist. It’s the shortest script we’ve ever written, and yet the most uncomfortable. It’s the one word above all others guaranteed to provoke a visceral reaction. Thing is, it’s taboo just like female pleasure is taboo.

“Our ambition is to make ‘moist’ just another word – because once we’re comfortable with that, we can start getting comfortable talking about ladies’ satisfaction in the bedroom. Which, with more than seven in ten women experiencing uncomfortable sex in their lifetime, clearly leaves a lot to be desired.”

Durex category manager Lindsay Forbes added: “Our aim is to liberate good sex for all. For women, who can be naturally drier down there for up to two-thirds of the month, that may well involve lube. Indeed, nine out of ten women say sex feels better with it.

“Yet it remains disproportionately stigmatised – in part, because we’re uncomfortable even talking about the problem, much less doing anything about it. This campaign addresses that uncomfortableness head on – because if we can become more comfortable with the word ‘moist’, we become more comfortable talking about sexual discomfort and lube as the solution to it.”

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