Even Facebook’s own staff don’t trust it with their data

facebkThe overwhelming majority (88.8%) of people who work in the tech industry do not trust Facebook to handle their data, with nearly a quarter (24.25%) of the social media giant’s own staff admitting they have no confidence in the company’s ability to keep their personal information safe.
So says a new study of 10,361 employees in the technology sector carried out by Blind, an anonymous app that allows employees to answer questions on their industry and workplace.
It shows that while three-quarters (75.75%) of Facebook employees toe the party line and trust their employer, this faith is not shared by the wider industry.
Those employed by the four tech leaders – Amazon, Google, Apple and Microsoft – expressed the most distrust. Some 93.43% of Amazon employees said that they did not trust Facebook with their data, followed by Google (93.35%), Apple (92.79%) and Microsoft (92.62%).
Those from LinkedIn were most trusting, but this is still just over one in ten employees at 10.6%.
Even so, the social media giant continues to prosper, with revenue rising by 26% year on year for the first three months of 2019 to $14.91bn. Daily active users also went up, 8% year-on-year to 1.56 billion, while monthly active users also increased by 8% to were 2.38 billion, meaning that 32% of the global population checks the social media platform at least once a month.
CEO Mark Zuckerberg also had a good week, with his net worth jumping $5.5bn following the Q1 results, mostly due to investor joy. The 34-year-old is worth $71.3bn, $20bn more than at the beginning of 2019. He is now the fifth richest person in the world.

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