Fundraising Regulator details rise in marketing moans

HMRC blow to charity direct mailThe Fundraising Regulator has admitted that it is getting more complaints from consumers than its predecessor – the now-defunct Fundraising Standards Board – after publishing its first fundraising complaints report.
It shows that levy-paying organisations received 42,782 complaints from members of the public in 2016 from submissions from 893 charities of different sizes.
The total number of complaints received by the FRSB in its final report was 66,814, although the Fundraising Regulator has over 600 fewer charity submissions than the FRSB’s final complaints report for 2015.
The new regulator conceded it is currently receiving “a slightly higher number of complaints than the FRSB” was at the same stage.
When it comes to the most complained about channel, direct mail topped the hall of shame, receiving over 38% of total complaints, which equates to over 16,000 complaints. Then again it is also the most used channel, with over 300 million mailshots being sent out over the past 12 months.
Door-to-door fundraising was found to be the next most complained about channel, generating nearly 7,000 complaints (16% of total). This was followed in third by both email fundraising and clothing collections, which received around 10% of total complaints each.
The regulator no longer details complaints from consumers about charity data.
Fundraising Regulator Stephen Dunmore said: “This report is a helpful and informative document which demonstrates the nature of complaints made by the public about fundraising practices and the positive progress made by the sector in addressing these concerns.
“We are delighted to have received nearly 900 responses, demonstrating the collaborative nature of the sector, as we work together to learn from complaints in order to improve public confidence in fundraising practices.”
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