Greener charities ‘get more funds’

Charity rules 'ludicrous' say agenciesThe vast majority of consumers urge charities to be more environmentally friendly in their marketing activity, according to a study, which also shows they are more likely to donate to a good cause with greater green credentials.
The research from OnePost, the UK’s leading source of independent advice and management, reveals that 66 per cent of consumers encourage charities to be more green, Meanwhile 36 per cent of are more likely to support charities who act in an environmentally friendly manner and 30 per cent are more likely to support charities whose direct mail is green.
The study supports findings from the DMA sustainability tracking studies, which OnePost sponsors. In January 2010 research showed 33 per cent of respondents believed the charity sector to be very/environmentally friendly. September 2010 results showed a rise to 38 per cent of respondents answering the same question. This increase was greater than the rating for any other industry sector – with charities in the top spot.
OnePost marketing manager Luan Wise (pictured) commented: “Direct mail dominates the media mix for charities and brand perception remains to be a critical factor which it comes to donating. There are simple ways for organisations to demonstrate their environmental credentials. For example, the sustainability tracking research highlights the consumer belief that the use of a recycle logo on the mailing pack indicates that it has come from an environmentally friendly company, with good business ethics.”
Wise also believes charities should include a recycle logo on the outside of their mailpacks. Research shows that this gives a clear indication that the charity is environmentally friendly, with good business ethics.
Other issues include letting your supporters know what you are doing and why. Feature a short message on the reverse of the envelope explaining the importance of direct mail in raising funds and how little the direct mail pack costs the charity. And add your environmental message and consumers will respond more positively. Use a downstream access (DSA) postal solution – DSA mail arrives within 2-3 days Vs up to 7 days from Royal Mail’s Mailsort 3 discounted bulk mail product.

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