LinkedIn rolls out lead gen programme for marketers

linkedinLinkedIn is launching a new tool which it claims will help marketers to drive high-quality leads from Sponsored Content campaigns by automatically completing forms for people accessing a piece of content on a brand’s mobile website.
The firm insists that Lead Gen Forms will make it “easy” to collect leads from the nearly 500 million professionals, influencers and business decision-makers using LinkedIn by removing the main hurdle when it comes to mobile conversion: completing clunky forms on a smartphone.
With Lead Gen Forms, when a member clicks on one of your ads, their LinkedIn profile data automatically populates an in-app form eliminating the need for them to enter information by hand.
The scheme has already been endorsed by one of the biggest marketing data companies in the world, Experian.
Julie Shekyls-Young, EMEA CSDA head of central marketing at the company, said: “Our Sponsored Content campaign had very specific objectives. We were hosting a webinar on the rising threat of fraud to engage with our customers and to generate leads from professionals interested in our solutions.
“Adding LinkedIn Lead Gen forms to the campaign made it easier, quicker and more intuitive for busy professionals to access our content. The impact was an uplift of 51% on lead conversion rate compared to the standard customer journey through Sponsored Content. Plus we achieved an increase in the number of leads from our most relevant markets by 16%.”

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