Martech hails breakthrough in addressable TV ad data

tv watching (2)Brands which run addressable TV ad campaigns have received a major boost with the launch of what is claimed to be the first measurement system based on individual, rather than modelled, data.
The launch is in response to the growing opportunity for advertisers to target specific audiences with personalised TV ads through addressable TV as people use more and more connected devices. Recent research shows that British households own an average of 7.94 connected devices, with penetration of smart TVs rising from 59% in 2017 to 66% in 2018.
Devised by martch AudienceProject, the new solution enables true cross-device campaign evaluation at an individual level on devices such as Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, PlayStation as well as on computers, tablets and mobiles.
This can also be merged with linear TV measurement based on BARB data. In combination, the company claims the system is the most accurate cross-device and cross-media measurement on the market, making it possible to continuously analyse and optimise the media mix and creative execution of campaigns and minimise waste.
It enables advertisers, agencies and broadcasters to profile and evaluate addressable TV campaigns effectively in real time to provide a better understanding of audience reach and the ROI of addressable TV across all platforms, while also creating increased transparency and trust in their ad spend among advertisers.
The scheme uses proprietary knowledge graph technology to link addressable TV campaign impressions to its app and browser-based panellists around the world for whom the firm has known demographic and device profiles. This makes it possible to include addressable TV in a true cross-device measurement so that all digital channels can be deduped and assessed on a like-for-like basis.
GroupM-owned Finecast has already signed up to the scheme following trials. The agency’s chief product officer Rich Astley said: “AudienceProject has enabled us to get a holistic view of audience delivery for campaigns across addressable TV, linear and digital video channels. As viewing behaviours blur across screens this helps us on the path to understanding the reach and impact of TV across all platforms.”
AudienceProject commercial director Martyn Bentley added: “As people spend less time on traditional TV and more on online video and streaming, advertisers need to optimise their media budgets across all platforms. This requires cross-device measurement at an individual level. However, a lack of common identifiers across the many devices where addressable TV campaigns are executed has made this impossible until now. We are delighted to bring an easy-to-use tool to market that plugs this big gap.”

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