Narcissist? Moi? Never. Brits are gagging for Instagram

instagram_newTo many it is the ultimate in narcissism, but Instagram has still proved the most popular social media platform among UK consumers during the Covid-19 pandemic, with nearly half (46%) selecting it as the app they have consumed the most content on.

While TikTok might be getting all the publicity – but not necessarily positive coverage – data compiled by Influenster, a Bazaarvoice company, reveals 67% of Brits have increased their use of Instagram, while 47% have increased their use of TikTok since the pandemic started.

Meanwhile 35% of UK consumers have topped up their use of Youtube, and 30% have been going on Facebook more.
In total, the study reveals that 82% of consumers have increase their social media consumption since the outbreak.

During the pandemic, the most popular forms of social media content have been influencer content (46%) and shopping content (39%), while a quarter (25%) of consumers prefer shopping on social media, and of these, 92% shop from Instagram followed by Facebook at 39%. Some 22% shop from YouTube and 20% shop from TikTok.

Bazaarvoice senior vice-president of marketing Suzin Wold said: “This data reveals that social media is playing an increasingly important role in brand engagement and consumers’ purchase decisions.

“With 82% of UK consumers using social platforms more since the pandemic started, it’s vital for retailers to respond to this behaviour shift and ensure their social media presence meets consumer expectations.

“The rising popularity of Instagram, as consumers search for influencer and shopping content, coupled with the increased use of new platforms like TikTok, present a key opportunity for retailers to use consumer-generated content.

“By focusing on their community, retail brands can provide relevant, high-quality content that engages consumers on the platforms that matter to them most. This empathetic approach is also crucial for retailers to build trust.”

It is not all good news for Instagram, however. Last week it emerged that the Facebook-owned social media giant is facing a new lawsuit which alleges that the app has collected the biometric data of up to 100 million users without their consent.

The Whalen v Facebook lawsuit was filed last week in a state court in Redwood City, California, where the tech giant has its HQ.

It is claimed that Instagram could be fined up to a $1,000 for each violation if found guilty of breaking the US Biometric Information Privacy Act, which requires user consent for collecting such information.

However, if it is found to have gathered the data illegally and acted recklessly or intentionally, the fine increases to $5,000 per violation, amounting to a fine of up to $500bn, although given the power that Facebook wields in the US, that would seem highly unlikely.

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