‘Nuisance’ DM firm faces £140k fine

'Nuisance' DM firm faces £140k fineA Yorkshire-based direct marketing company is one of two firms facing £140,000 fines from the Information Commissioner’s Office for embarking on a sustained campaign of nuisance calls.
The company, which the ICO refuses to name before it responds to the threat, was linked to thousands of nuisance marketing calls by the regulator. It was identified after members of the public made over 630 reports to the ICO and the Telephone Preference Service after receiving calls, despite opting out.
One Yorkshire-based company, Reactiv Media, was expelled from the DMA last month after a raft of complaints about an unrelenting campaign of PPI nuisance calls. It is not known whether the two cases are linked.
Meanwhile, a Devon PPI claims company faces a similar penalty for prompting over 600 reports from the public.
The two companies have one month to provide evidence proving they were not responsible for making, or initiating, the calls. If no evidence is provided, the final penalties will be served and the companies’ details, along with information about their illicit activities, will be released.
ICO head of enforcement Stephen Eckersley said: “Quite simply, today’s action would not have been possible without the support of the general public. By raising their concerns with us they have provided the ICO with important leads that we have then been able to investigate and pursue.
“We believe we have a strong case against both companies, but the law requires them to be given the opportunity to reply to the evidence we have presented. If they are unable to prove that they were not responsible for pestering the public with unwanted calls, then they will face the consequences of their actions.”

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