Omni what? Marketers talk cobblers, say tech bosses

marketerMarketers are so obsessed with their own jargon that they are driving their IT counterparts bonkers, creating an even greater divide between the two disciplines which need to work closer together to ensure a smooth experience for customers.
According to new research from content management system provider Magnolia, over three quarters (77%) of IT teams do not understand the buzzwords marketers use.
For instance, almost two-fifths (39%) of IT teams are in the dark on what “digital experience” actually means, nearly a quarter (24%) are clueless about what an online “call to action” is and over a fifth (21%) are baffled about “omnichannel” content.
With 80% of marketers collaborating with their IT team on a weekly basis—and 46% interacting on a daily basis—it is, of course, crucial that both teams can communicate at least in the same language, the report says.
However, at the heart of the issue is that the vast majority (84%) of marketers simply do not understand the work of their IT team. Perhaps it should come as little surprise then that nearly three-quarters (70%) of IT professionals think they should be bossing the digital strategy.
Magnolia chief marketing officer Rasmus Skjoldan said: “In order for brands to create great content, both IT teams and marketers must work together to understand each other’s unique pressures and objectives. Talking in technical jargon and marketing buzzwords isn’t helping, if anything it’s just causing more frustration for both groups.
“Too many content management systems add to this problem, expanding rather than bridging the divide. As an industry we need to focus on developing straight-talking solutions that work for everyone across the business—from marketers, to developers, to customers and IT teams.”

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