One Stop boosts data insight with behavioural software

One Stop boosts shopper insightConvenience store chain One Stop is further boosting its data strategy by implementing new behavioural software to drill down into customer preferences and build more accurate shopper profiles.
The Tesco-owned retailer is using Relex Solutions’ Behavioral Clustering solution to build a picture of purchasing behaviour at store cluster and individual store level. This will drive future strategies for marketing, merchandising, assortment, pricing, as well as seasonal and promotional decision making. Relex has worked with the company since 2010.
One Stop Stores senior space/range and systems manager Mervin Nugent said: “The customer sits firmly at the heart of everything we do and we feel we must provide local communities with the products they want. This latest phase is helping us further hone our customer-centric strategy by enabling a granular approach to decision-making across the business.”
The retailer insists the move will improve the in-store shopping experience and build customer loyalty, as well as help it become more efficient and maximise sales.
Relex Solutions UK managing director Ian Duncan-Lewis added: “We’re really proud of what our collaborative partnership with One Stop Stores is achieving for its business. Behavioral clustering was a natural step to push further its customer-centric vision and drive maximum value for all of its stores.”
In 2014, the retailer signed a deal with with loyalty specialist Eagle Eye – which also works for Tesco – for a mobile coupon scheme designed to give One Stop deeper insight into its product offers.

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One Stop boosts shopper insight

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