Princes urges Brits to ‘fish for greatness’ in tuna blitz

Princes TunaPrinces is aiming to show how its tuna is naturally packed full of goodness, and is equally at home in a lunchtime tuna mayo sandwich or on top of a jacket potato in the first campaign from Lucky Generals since it was appointed to the Princes Seafood business late last year.

“Fish for greatness” is designed to evoke all of the goodness of the oceans, the unwavering beauty of nature, the sparkling majesty of the deep blue sea, and connect it to everyday meal-times.

The campaign comprises multiple outdoor and social executions and a 30-second TV spot, directed by Biscuit Films’ director Jeff Low.

The TV ad opens on scenes of a great rolling briny ocean, as a grand voiceover by poet and comedian Tim Key, expresses to viewers the might and majesty of the seas that can “hold up a ship”, but “slip through your fingers” and remind “even the strongest of their fragility”.

A human hand emerges from the ocean in the style of the Lady of the Lake; but instead of holding Excalibur, it grasps a tin of Princes Tuna. Key then becomes much more conversational as he says “It’s also where tuna is. For baked potatoes, sandwiches, stuff like that.” It ends with the “Fish for greatness” line.

The outdoor executions, which will also include digital out of home, follow the same creative style: using big bold type they proclaim Princes Tuna to be “as natural as the sea” or “from the deepest oceans” but then in smaller type, that it is also “sometimes eaten out of a tin” or popped “on top of a spud”.

Princes Group marketing director Jeremy Gibson said: “At Princes we always fish for greatness. We are on a mission to tell Tuna lovers how natural and sustainable Princes Tuna is. The new platform and campaign embody just that. Lucky Generals bringing Tim Key and Jeff Low on board brought a lightness, modernity and humour to the campaign that works perfectly.”

Lucky Generals creative director Danny Hunt added: “Fish for greatness is a big idea that allows us to talk about all the amazing qualities of Princes Tuna, while not forgetting what it is. Fish in a can that tastes good in butties and stuff.”

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