RadiumOne bids to fight programmatic creative woe

IAB tackles online ad criticismA new service which aims to improve the creative quality of ads served programmatically, and in turn improve people’s experience with online ads, is being launched by data-driven marketing technology business RadiumOne.
According to the IAB/PwC’s Digital Adspend Report, 60% of banner and video display ads in 2015 were bought programmatically, worth £1.6bn, but whether the right creative has been delivered – and therefore actually displayed – is a moot point.
In response to this, RadiumOne is setting up a dedicated division, called Creative Solutions, to specialise in producing and managing creative to be served programmatically. Namely, that the mechanics of how ad exchanges assess and potentially deliver ads is more heavily factored into the process of creating ads, so less are rejected and more appear correctly in whatever environment they’re delivered to.
The new division will cover all display formats including video, mobile and native. In addition, it is claimed the division will be able to deliver greater creativity by experimenting with new ad formats to provide a better online ad experience for consumers.
“There’s been a lot of crowing around programmatic creative but the reality is there’s too much of a gap between people creating ads, and those responsible for delivering them programmatically, to deliver the potential that advertisers are after,” said head of strategic solutions Emma Hazlehurst, who will lead the division and report into UK managing director Craig Tuck.
“Making the end user experience as engaging as possible whilst ensuring your creative isn’t rejected by exchanges involves experience and skill because not all exchanges have the same specs and it often involves rigorous testing to ensure creatives appear correctly in each environment.”
She added: “It’s about fusing our insights on audiences to better understand what creative resonates with them. The rigour then comes in working out which exchanges accept the best creative, thus making the process more efficient and effective for advertisers. As a data-driven business our focus is to create trends not follow them. We’re actively looking at new opportunities and solutions that will help us innovate in the world of programmatic creative.”

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