Royal Mail refutes delivery claims

royal mail 1Royal Mail has hit back at claims that it prioritised the delivery of unaddressed mail, such as leaflets and door-drops, during the cold snap, after complaints that other mail was not getting through.
According to some reports, posties in Warwickshire have claimed that direct mail was given preference because it is “more valuable”. Thousands of people are said to have been left without vital deliveries such as doctors appointments, business letters and Christmas parcels.
A backlog of more than 40,000 letters has gathered in the county since sweeping changes were introduced to sorting offices last month. One worker from a depot in Stratford-upon-Avon is quoted as saying: “It’s a complete mess. The junk mail leaflets are taking priority over the mail at the moment due to the fact they make a lot more income.
“Bosses have hired more staff to deal with the work but it’s simply too much. Instead we’re having to leave out letters, even those that are marked first class.
“The situation is improving but it’s a still a mess. Some people might not get their cards this Christmas but they’ll definitely get a flyer for the local take-away.”
Conservative MP for Stratford Nadim Zahawi said: “I have sent a letter to Royal Mail chief executive Moya Greene after receiving an unprecedented number of complaints from constituents including missed medical appointments and delays to vital business post. I am very concerned about the delivery issues that Royal Mail appears to be experiencing and the lack of a real explanation from the organisation as to why this situation has occurred.”
A Royal Mail spokesman said: “As part of Royal Mail’s modernisation across the country, changes are being made at a number of delivery offices in the area.When any such major change is implemented, some disruption is possible as we adjust to new ways of working.”

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