Shoppers quick to condemn Tesco Clubcard Plus ‘con’

clubcard again1Tesco’s plan to launch Clubcard Plus, a £7.99 a month subscription service which enables customers to get extra discounts on shopping as well as double their mobile data allowance, has already been blasted by shoppers.

The scheme, which launches later this year, is designed to integrate Tesco’s grocery, mobile and banking businesses. It will offer customers 10% off two big shops worth up to £200 each in store every month as well as an “always on” 10% discount on a selection of Tesco exclusive brands, including clothing and homeware.

At the heart of the plan is the Clubcard app, which was relaunched in 2017 with what the company claimed were “significant improvements”, while the physical cards became contactless.

Clubcard Plus members will also be able to double their Tesco Mobile data allowance, as well as apply for a Tesco bank credit card with no currency exchange fee.

Plans for a scheme to offer greater incentives to customers to sign up to bank and mobile phone services were first leaked to the Sunday Times in April, which claimed that the supermarket giant was considering an Amazon Prime-style subscription service.

At the time, Tesco boss Dave Lewis – who this week announced he is stepping down – refuted the claims. However, if reader reaction on is anything to go by, Clubcard Plus could be a hard sell.

One reader commented: “Knowing Tesco are pretty stingy with everything, especially Tesco Bank and their woeful interest rates, I suspect this promotion will be USELESS and a CON. Remember the devil’s in the detail!! I’d rather keep my £7.99 a month in my pocket!!”

Another added: “Agreed – wonder how long it will be before ‘ordinary’ Clubcard customers don’t qualify for points?” A third said: “I’ll keep my money and shop at Aldi, thank you Tesco..looks a bit dodgy to me..they’d be better off reducing their prices,” while a fourth wrote: “Got to be a con.”

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