Staff ‘waste 4 weeks a year on outdated office tech’

dirty data 2The rise of new technology may have been well documented but it is yet to reach many workplaces with the average staffer wasting the equivalent of over four weeks a year waiting for outdated office tech to deliver.
That is according to a new report by Sharp – a company which, of course, just so happens to offer office technology. It claims that more than 167 hours, or 21 days, are wasted, waiting for equipment to either warm up, boot up or deliver what it is supposed to.
The study estimates this time is costing businesses more than £2,000 per employee, per year – you do the maths. Employees are well aware of this problem, as well; some four-fifths of those surveyed said their office tech is outdated, two-thirds said they would be more productive if they had better tech, and a fifth would stop looking for a new job if new tech were introduced.
Sharp UK managing director Stuart Sykes said: “Technology is supposed to make our lives easier and help us to work faster, however, in the real world, out-of-date technology and technology that is hard to use often slows people down, forcing them to waste time.
“This dead time can mean lost opportunities, lost profits and even lost employees. Businesses must wake up to the importance of connected technologies that work in sync with their employees’ changing needs and allow them to get the best out of their team, as well as making for a more motivated, more productive workplace.”

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