TSB implements Adobe to build single customer view

TSBTSB is banking on an expansion of its relationship with Adobe to make greater use of its data and underpin new digital services for its customers.

Some 12 months after setting out its 2022 strategy, TSB has become the first UK bank to implement Adobe Experience Platform, with Adobe Campaign, which it is claimed will give the company the ability to collect, analyse and act on its customer data in a matter of minutes.

Adobe Experience Platform will enable TSB to bring all of its customer data together in one central location, providing the bank with a single view of its customers and laying the foundation for its employees to better serve them “in the moment”, whether they bank online, on their mobile, over the phone or in-branch.

With 7.5 million personal and business customer profiles accessible in a central TSB platform, it is hoped that the the technology bank will allow the bank to act on the full breadth of customer data within minutes, compared with the days this could take using the its previous systems.

Using Adobe Campaign, TSB says it will activate this data to communicate “relevant” information with each customer as and when they need, based on their specific requirements.

It insists new customers will see the benefits immediately, for instance being kept informed throughout the onboarding process, receiving notifications when accounts have switched or salaries received, cards have been dispatched and first transactions and payments have successfully completed.

Additionally, Adobe Experience Platform will help TSB to identify where it can help customers, such as setting up a direct debit to manage bills or to change their address digitally when they move home.

Alternatively, if a small business owner gets locked out of their online banking, TSB will be able to instantly call or text them on their registered device with instructions on how to log back in.

For their part, in-branch employees will have the latest information on each customer’s online and mobile activity to hand, ranging from which services they have been browsing on TSB’s website to how they have been using their mobile banking app. This will provide a complete picture of who they are serving and how they can help.

TSB chief marketing officer Pete Markey said: “A brand is a promise of an experience consistently delivered, and Adobe Experience Platform makes that consistency possible across TSB’s online, mobile, and in-branch services.

“Our vision of omnichannel is to join up the customer experience like a London Tube Map. Some people will go right down the Central Line, while others will need to take multiple trains. Our job is to make the experience feel seamless whether customers have one simple need or 50 complex ones.”

The ability to provide customers with the latest information about their accounts and financial opportunities has become essential during the Covid-19 pandemic, with both consumers and small businesses becoming more conscious of how they manage their money.

It is claimed that the combination of Adobe Experience Platform and Adobe Campaign will significantly speed up TSB’s data analysis and outreach, allowing the bank to share time-sensitive updates that will help customers to better navigate this uncertain time.

Adobe president international Paul Robson said: “Customers no longer benchmark banks against other banks; they compare them with every digital service they use and so, the expectation for financial institutions to ensure every experience feels personal, regardless of which channel you bank on, is growing. TSB’s digital strategy offers its customers faster, more tailored services, which demonstrates its leadership strengths in this new era in experience.”

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