Turn off Love Island, young people prefer charity work

Love-Island-2019Charities have been urged to switch their fundraising activities from older supporters to youngsters on the back of a new study which shows that, contrary to popular opinion, Generation Zers are far more inclined to do charitable activity than watch highly popular TV shows.
The Charities Aid Foundation research busts the myth that squeezing money out of “Dorothy Donor” is the way forward; most under 24s are far more charity-friendly than some would have you believe.
To critics they are the “snowflake generation” but in fact some 43% of GenZers have done something charitable recently, compared to under a third (30%) who have watched ITV2 show Love Island.
But it is not just the muscles, boobs and sex obsessed TV shows they are turning off; doing work for “charidy” was also more popular among youngsters than watching the Champions League final (only 25% watched that), the Eurovision Song Contest (28%) and the final episode of Game of Thrones (27%).
CAF director of communications Ben Russell believes the research shows how committed young people are to the causes they care about.
He added: “While millions of us love the highs and lows of reality TV shows and hit dramas, our findings reveal that young people are significantly more likely to do something charitable, such as donate to charity or volunteer their time, than they are to watch reality TV.
“This commitment to and enthusiasm for good causes is great news for charities and society as a whole. Here in the UK we have a strong culture of charitable giving, and it appears that culture is in safe hands for the future.”

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