TV Licensing signs up leading actors for TV ad return

tv licenceTV Licensing is launching its first TV ad campaign for five years, centring around the idea that paying for or managing a TV licence “needn’t be a drama”.
Devised by Red Bee, the campaign features a number of well-known actors, including Samuel West, Samuel Anderson, Saffron Hocking and Samantha Spiro, and is designed to bring to life the wealth of entertaining content the licence fee funds.
Red Bee was tasked with creating a long-lasting campaign spanning across TV, radio and social, to engage people by using established drama tropes from iconic TV series and films.
Red Bee established that the campaign messaging would be stronger if viewers genuinely thought the campaign spots were drama scenes. In order to do this, the team studied production techniques true to each era and genre – retro sci-fi, Eighties’ US soaps and contemporary thrillers – and referenced these by using similar colour palettes, shot composition, casting techniques and even incorporating era-specific errors.
The radio campaign comprises has six executions featuring recognisable voices including Daniel Mays, Ramon Tikaram and Joanna Scanlan.
Red Bee head of client services Christopher Godfree said, “The creative and long-term scope of the TV Licensing brief has allowed us to really stretch our capabilities internally. We have enjoyed working closely with the team there to deliver work that we are proud of and that will hopefully resonate for years to come.”
Samuel West said, “The BBC is an important part of my life as an actor. I’m very pleased to be part of the new TV Licensing campaign, given the creativity and value for money the licence fee delivers.”

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