Unlimited restructures to bring data and creative closer

UnlimitedGroup_090418-1[3]The Unlimited Group, the organisation behind TMW Unlimited and Prophecy Unlimited, is undergoing yet another restructure, this time with the aim of simplifying its offering and bringing data and creative closer together.
The move, which follows a number of agency mergers in the past year, will see the group pool its 27 agencies into the seven disciplines of health, customer engagement, brand, digital transformation, B2B & technology, CRM & Acquisition and Insight & Analytics.
The group claims the move is in response to calls by P&G’s marketing chief Marc Pritchard for agencies to employ fewer account managers and focus on creative output.
It insists the overhaul, which will be supported with a new visual identity, will offer clients a “simple, bespoke and fully integrated service”. The aim is to bring creative thinking and customer insight and analytics closer together.
Under the changes, the group has created seven “power brands” – Health Unlimited, TMW Unlimited, Fever Unlimited, Splendid Unlimited, Nelson Bostock Unlimited, Prophecy Unlimited and Walnut Unlimited.
Beneath these sit “specialist brands” – which include Rock Unlimited, Navigate Unlimited, 18Feet&Rising Unlimited and ICM Unlimited – that will work seemlessly with the “power brands”.
The group’s data scientists and creatives now share the same space at its HQ in Soho.
To coincide with the restructuring and rebranding, Unlimited is also launching a range of initiatives to bolster diversity. These include an apprenticeship scheme which will see six apprentices from non-traditional backgrounds join the group in the coming year. Alongside this, new employee training schemes have been introduced to help bring different disciplines together.
Unlimited Group president Tim Bonnet said: “Going private enabled us to think longer-term and really work out what clients need. Our size means we can move quickly, and we now have a distinct agency offering capable of maximising the opportunities offered by today’s fast-moving market. We are the only agency in town where our neuroscientists share the same canteen as our brand creatives, and it’s this mixing of disciplines, of people, that’s key to reaching the holy grail of integration.
“Our new structure will enable us to better stake our claim as experts at the bleeding edge where insight, data, technology and measurement meet creativity and experimentation: the impact point between art and science.”

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