How they made Independence Day go with a bang

busty idolWith Brexit still dominating the headlines – and the ISBA annual lunch and the DMA summer lunch and just about every other event I have been dragged to this week – I thought I would give you all a break.

First of all though, Busty fans, I want you to spare a thought for our favourite new global chief executive of Rapp, the dashingly handsome Marco Scognamiglio. Why oh why, I hear you cry, he doesn’t need sympathy, he’s just landed a plum job with enough cash to buy pizzas for the whole industry, let alone two for himself.

That may be so dear readers, however, there is a slight catch – he now finds himself whizzing through the air at 40,000 feet more often than he is on the ground.

In fact, my sources tell me (McKelvey to be precise) that Marco flew to the States on Sunday, had a board meeting on Monday, flew back to Blighty on Monday night and was back on a plane to New York by lunchtime Tuesday. Still, I guess he’ll be building up those Avios points if he ever gets to go on holiday again.

Mind you, now he is going to be spending more time in North America, I just so happen to have stumbled across some vital research for him, courtesy of our friends over at Pornhub (well, it would be rude not to check out their insights blog).

As you may be aware, July is a big month on the other side of the Atlantic, with July 1st being Canada Day and July 4th being Independence Day.

With this in mind, our favourite boffins decided to probe which specific searches increased the most on Canada Day and Independence Day in their respective countries.

And, would you believe there was a 58,975% increase for “July 4th” in the States, but while that sounds astronomical, it’s rarely searched for throughout the year, apparently. Other highlights include searches like “4th of July Orgy” up 11,825%, “Patriotic” up 9,700%, “Fireworks” up 6,475%, and “Stars and Stripes” up 3,140%. Even searches for “BBQ” went up 396% – although it did not detail any rise in “burned jumbo sausage”.

A little further north and “Canada Day” increased by 15,877%, but Canada’s searches on July 1st tend to be more centered around their fellow citizens. Pornhub’s Northern visitors searched for “Canadian babe” 951% more than the daily average, “Canadian milf” 237% more, and “Canadian mom” was up 156%.

Proof, if ever it were needed, that those North Amercians really do love themselves. But don’t just take my word for it; contrary to popular belief I do not make this shit up. And if you, like me, you constantly crave gawping at interesting figures, why not take a trip to Pornhub yourselves – there’s plenty of fun for everyone.

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