Bayern aims to score with big data

Bayern aims to score with big dataGerman Bundesliga team FC Bayern Munich is hoping to replicate the national side’s use of big data by striking a deal with SAP to boost its global fanbase and optimise the team’s performance.
Earlier this year, the club signed a deal for SAP’s CRM system and its ecommerce platform, called Hybris. It is looking to use this software to intensify the interaction with its fans, personalise their experience and reward them for loyalty.
The club, managed by Pep Guardiola, is also looking to SAP’s data analytics software and services, based on the firm’s database platform Hana, to improve the performance and monitor the health of Bayern’s players. The club are the reigning Bundesliga champions.
FC Bayern Munich chief executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, a former German striker who twice won the European Player of the Year in the Eighties, said: “SAP has the technology to support three of our main goals: optimise our business processes to facilitate our global expansion, help our team stay fit and perform at their highest level and give our fans the best possible experience.
“Bayern Munich is currently one the best performing football clubs in the world. Leveraging innovative technology, we want to permanently secure a global top position for FC Bayern.
“Our players’ performance and their health are of paramount importance to reach this goal, and so are our fans. Our club has more than 292 million fans worldwide, including 9.4 million in the US. We have ambitious goals both in terms of sports and economic success, and we want to inspire people worldwide.”
The deal between SAP and Bayern Munich replicates the partnership that between the company and the German national team, which was hailed as a major factor for their World Cup triumph.
Germany used Match Insights technology, which analyses huge amounts of data about members of the team and their opponents, and converts it into simulations and graphs that can enable trainers, coaches and players to identify and assess key situations in each match. These insights can then be used during pre-match preparations to improve player and team performance.
SAP plans to open the Match Insights app to other clubs and football federations.

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