Big Lottery Fund rebrands after 23red strategic review

TNLCF_FC-701x394The Big Lottery Fund, the organisation which uses money raised by through the National Lottery to help communities in the UK, is rebranding as The National Lottery Community Fund following a strategic review carried out by 23red.
The agency was appointed last year to review how the “people in the lead” strategic framework was being interpreted across the organisation, as well as develop a brand narrative for The Fund and review whether a rebrand would be beneficial.
23red went on to conduct workshops and in-depth interviews with staff at the business.
Alongside this, the agency explored alternative names for the organisation, testing them with staff and grant holders. ‘The National Lottery Community Fund’ was selected because it was felt it better articulates the organisation’s work but also clearly aligns it with The National Lottery, helping players to understand the difference they make when they buy a ticket.
The new name led to the design of a new logo that still retains the signature magenta colour of the original, as well as comprehensive brand guidelines. This included updating the brand’s tone of voice and alongside looking at other design features such as typography, photography, icons, how the brand would look in print and on screen and ensuring full accessibility.
National Lottery Community senior head of communications Jenny Olsen said: “The Big Lottery Fund and its signature magenta logo has a lot of brand equity and impact, but if we asked people what we really do we’d have gotten a lot of different answers. What this rebrand does brilliantly is tell all our stakeholders – employees, grant holders and National Lottery players alike what we do, who we do it for and firmly positions us as part of The National Lottery family.”
23red business director Emma Taylor added: “For the Big Lottery Fund, it was really important for people to understand where the money comes from, how it is used and why. At its very core The Fund is about collaborating with communities to make good things happen, but it has been doing this for over a decade already, so we simply wanted to bring that alive by evolving what was already there, rather than reinventing it.”

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