Charities boost marketing as adspend nears £460m

charity probe 4The charity sector appears to be marketing itself out of its current crisis, with new figures from Nielsen showing the sector spent an estimated £458.8m on advertising in the year to June, up 6% on the previous 12 months.
Digital and cinema advertising were the biggest growth areas, with digital up by 89%, from £2.9m to £5.5m, and cinema rising 78%, from £3.1m to £5.5m year on year.
Outdoor advertising was the third biggest growth area, with expenditure increasing by 36 per cent, from £5.5m to £7.4m in the year to June.
The only medium to see a fall in spend was press, which fell 22%, from £32.5m to £25.3m.
Spending on radio and TV also rose over the period: by 17% for radio to £14.9m, and 15% for TV to £120.5m.
The figures shows expenditure on door drops rose by 6% to £14.4m. However, direct mail remains the sector’s medium of choice, accounting for more than half the total amount spent across all media; rising 3% from £258.6m to £265.3m.
Commenting on the figures, Daniel Fluskey, head of policy and research at the Institute of Fundraising, told Third Sector that the fall in expenditure on press ads was likely to be due to a lack of response. But he reckoned the increase adspend was likely to be due to some small and medium charities advertising for the first time.

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