DMA backs nuisance call measures

DMA backs nuisance call measuresThe DMA has welcomed the new set of recommendations laid out by the Government’s Nuisance Calls Task Force as the “necessary next steps” needed to tackle the issue, despite concerns over third-party data practices.
The industry body believes the measures – published in full last night – are urgently needed in the face of a mounting threat to the UK’s multibillion-pound telemarketing industry.
Commenting on the publication of the report, John Mitchison, the DMA’s head of preference services, legal and compliance, and member of the Which? nuisance calls task force, said: “The legitimate telemarketing industry has long led the way in tackling nuisance calls. Sixteen years ago, the DMA established the only ‘do not call’ opt out register – the TPS; the DMA’s new principles-based code of practice promotes corporate responsibility above and beyond legal compliance, which is enforced by an independent watchdog; and we have established an industry accreditation scheme, TPS Assured.
“We’re therefore pleased the recommendations endorse what we’ve already put in place. Tackling the problem of nuisance calls requires a concerted effort across the board. Now it’s time for other parties to catch up with the industry’s lead.”
Mitchison added: “The Government is already looking at making it easier to punish rogue companies making nuisance calls that deliberately act outside of the law. We hope for the sake of businesses and citizens that the Government also takes on board these recommendations to ensure all businesses that use telemarketing to operate to the very highest standards.”
However, many in the industry could balk at the insistence that permission to use third-party data should expire after just six months. Although it is already part of the ICO guidelines, it is not yet enforceable by law. Should this be the case, it could cost millions of pounds to implement.

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