DMA joins with academia for ‘Value of Data’ initiative

dma 1The DMA is partnering with the University of Edinburgh in a bid to uncover the true worth of information to business through a series of initiatives designed to explore the value of data.
Working alongside Merkle, the campaign sponsor, and the University of Edinburgh’s research Centre for Design Informatics and Bayes Centre, supported by Edinburgh Innovations, the DMA aims to create a navigable roadmap to establish bold, innovative and data-led approaches that will have a positive impact on businesses and the customer experience.
The “Value of Data” campaign is one of a number of initiatives the DMA is embarking on to improve the customer experience and promote responsible marketing. It aims to elevate and champion the role of data and help organisations responsibly deliver value to their customers.
The collaboration kicks off with a paper authored by Professor Chris Speed and Dr Ewa Luger introducing the changing shape of value in the digital economy and an accompanying lecture taking place at the Centre for Design Informatics on March 12.
DMA managing director Rachel Aldighieri said: “In line with our core value of putting the customer first, ethics will sit at the heart of this project. We’ll be exploring the concept of data driving shareholder value in an ethical and monetary sense and looking to showcase the value of values.
“In partnership with the University of Edinburgh, we will be creating tools and training that will help businesses thrive from innovation, technology and data, while ensuring responsible marketing sits at the core of business practices.”
DMA Scotland chair Firas Khnaisser, who is head of decisioning at Standard Life, added: “We want to ask difficult questions about where the ‘value’ of data really lies. In the data? Its quality, quantity, or in the way we use it to create better outcomes for customers? The true value of data will help our industry develop better services, create better customer experiences and evolve into better societies.
“Scotland is a hub of data expertise, fintech firms and start-ups thanks to government investment, and close collaboration between private, public and educational institutions. The DMA wants to lead the data debate from Scotland – and to drive the conversation across the UK and the world.”

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