Don’t forget guts in quest for summer bods, says Activia

ActiviaYoghurt brand Activa is aiming to change consumer perceptions of being “summer body ready” by promoting the importance of looking after gut health to help feel good and look good, from the inside out.

As summer rolls in, new research from Activia reveals that two in five (38%) Brits place more emphasis on appearances than in any other season, with one in five (20%) prioritising their looks above their overall health.

When asked what “summer body ready” means to them, over half (53%) of consumers said it means looking physically better, with shedding extra pounds coming close second (48%) and booking in beauty treatments coming in at 18% – showing how Brits place major emphasis on the importance of looking good in summer.

The findings from Activia also show the side effects when more importance is placed on aesthetics over gut health. Three in 10 (30%) say they feel fatigued during summer due to not looking after their gut health.

In fact, over a third (33%) struggle to sleep well, 28% say they become easily irritable, and a quarter (25%) find themselves drowning in stress. Nearly one in four of us (23%) notice our skin taking a hit, and just over a fifth (22%) say they battle headaches.

With over four fifths of adults (82%) agreeing it’s important to look after this part of the body, but nearly a half (47%) saying they don’t know where to start when it comes to their gut health, TV’s Dr Zoe Williams comments: “Taking care of your gut health is not just about digestion; it’s about nurturing your overall well-being all year round. The gut has so many amazing connections which impact many different aspects of our health.

“A healthy gut sets the stage for the rest of the body, from vibrant skin, restful sleep, balanced emotions, and a summer filled with energy and enjoyment. That’s why it is important this summer to take care of your gut to feel good from the inside out. After all, focusing on overall health over aesthetics is what truly matters in the long run to live life to the fullest.”

Activia head of marketing Rachel Wright added: “At Activia, we’re passionate about happy guts. However, we know from our research that people are choosing to prioritise how they look over how they feel and this summer.

“What many don’t realise is that your gut plays a significant role in the body. A healthy and happy gut makes you feel good from the inside out, so we encourage everyone this summer to keep their gut health in check.”

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