Email tackles deliverability but open rates drop

Email girl-on-laptoprates have rocketed to 98%, the highest delivery rate yet recorded, according to a new benchmarking study, although unique open rates continue to vary wildly.
So says the DMA’s 2016 Email Benchmarking Report, which is based on more than 57 billion emails sent in the UK over a 12-month period. Since 2010 unique open rates have varied from 16% in 2011 to a high of 20% in 2013. In 2015, average unique open rates fell to 15%.
Meanwhile, unique click-through rates have fallen every year since the DMA began collecting data in 2010, to a low of 2% in 2015.
Click-to-open rates have also declined to 20% from the high of 32% in 2013, although this also remains higher than the figure for 2010-11.
Despits this, email marketing remains in rude health. According to a separate report, the DMA Customer Acquisition Barometer 2015, the vast majority (84%) of marketers use email and it was rated the best-performing channel by the highest proportion of marketers (41%).
Marcus Gearey, chair of the Email Council’s benchmarking hub and analytics manager at Zeta Global, said: “Collecting only key email metrics – sent, delivered, opens and clicks – allows the benchmarking report to concentrate on what those contributing to the DMA panel discussions on its future wanted most: an accurate performance barometer for email both across the board and by key industry verticals.
“We hope that this method will not only provide a better, more accurate means of aggregating email performance data but that the stripped down approach encourages more ESPs to contribute their own data in the knowledge that the collective approach to intelligence gathering ultimately benefits the whole group with each addition.”
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