Rise in ‘ghost’ accounts fuels email marketing fears

frustrated-annoyed-girl-mobile-520x245Marketers who are backing their email campaigns to cut through the clutter better think again; nearly half (45%) of all consumers have ‘ghost’ email accounts that are active but no longer used, according to an industry study.
The figure, which translates to more than 19 million of ‘ghost’ accounts in the UK alone, is just one of the findings of the latest DMA Consumer Email Tracker 2016 research, publsihed today.
It shows that 62% of those surveyed said they have abandoned an email address or would consider doing so if they felt they were receiving too many emails, with younger people more likely to have abandoned email addresses for this reason before (58%) compared to older consumers (27%).
With 68% of consumers agreeing with the statement, ‘Most of the marketing emails I receive include no content or offers that are of interest to me’, and 84% of consumers finding less than half of their emails ‘interesting or relevant’, brands and their agencies must work harder to make emails worthwhile for consumers, the study suggests.
However, the research also shows an increase in consumers’ willingness to click through and buy from an email, up to 65% of respondents from 58% in last year’s study. The top reasons for consumers to share their email details with brands are money off discounts (45% of those surveyed), % discounts (41%), free samples (35%), and free delivery (35%).
Skip Fidura, client Services Director at dotmailer – which sponsored the research – and chair of the DMA’s Responsible Marketing Committee, said: “Some of the stats in this year’s tracker report are clear. We are not delivering on our promise of sending targeted relevant messages in all cases. In a bid to push out more content and play a numbers game, brands appear to be alienating their customers. It is time for brands to truly understand their customers’ wants and needs, and then leverage the potential of the technologies available to them.”

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