Equifax joins global alliance to assist Covid-19 recovery

emergent allianceEquifax has become the latest UK data analysis giant to sign up for the Emergent Alliance – a not-for-profit collaboration of global organisations founded in March 2020 – joining CACI in the group, launched as a direct response to the Covid-19 crisis.

The 38 members of the alliance – which include founding partners IBM, Microsoft, Rolls-Royce and Open Data Institute Leeds, along with Velocity AI, Bosch, Jobs for Her, and Pyramid Analytics – all specialise in data, analytics and technology. They have pledged to work together to help the UK’s recovery from the pandemic.

The organisation’s website states: “The aim is to create a safe environment in which we share data, expertise and resources to work together to aid economic recovery in 2020 and shape a new normal. We want to have the ability to take a broad set of economic, behavioural and sentiment data, fuse it together and provide new insights and practical applications to the global Covid-19 response.

“These models will identify lead indicators signalling economic recovery cycles that global businesses, government and organisations can use to build operating confidence in investment and activities that shorten or limit recessionary impacts.”

Equifax will help the alliance to analyse economic, behavioural and sentiment data.

The aim is to provide new insights and practical applications for businesses big and small as well as the Government to aid in the rebuilding of the economy, while measuring the impact of the coronavirus. The alliance insists that all work will have a sharp focus on privacy and security, using industry best practices for data sharing and robust governance.

Equifax UK chief data and analytics officer Paul Heywood said: “As we look to the future, the UK faces a huge challenge in responding to the pandemic in a timely and responsible manner. At Equifax we believe in the power of data and the insights it can provide. We’re proud to be a member of the Emergent Alliance and part of such an inspiring, ambitious and collaborative project.”

Emergent Alliance programme director Rachel Gawley added: “Our vision is to create an environment to share data, expertise and resources, working together to help the economy rebuild and recover. We’re pleased to welcome Equifax, an expert in the field of data and analytics, to the Emergent Alliance and our collective cause.”

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