GMA launches free ebook from the King of Killer Copy

herschelThe Global Marketing Alliance is channelling its inner Boris Karloff with a Halloween special from the marketing industry’s only horror writer turned copywriter, Herschell Gordon Lewis.

The online hub has delved deep into its vaults to quite literally dig Lewis up, or at least his monthly musings, that used to appear in Direct Marketing International, which was reborn as the GMA nearly a decade ago.

Known around the world as the “Godfather of Gore”, in the 1960s Lewis created a cult reputation producing and directing films such as Blood Feast, The Gore Gore Girls and A Taste of Blood. His business plan was unique and very effective. Release films that guaranteed lots of blood, lots of screaming, lots of nudity – and lots of money.

However, towards the end of his film career, Herschell turned to the direct marketing industry – where else you may ask – and became well known as one of the most successful direct response copywriters. It is said that the international direct marketing community subsequently came to know him as the King of Killer Copy.

At the time, he was writing about the importance of innovative marketing in the 2008 financial crisis, which had – much like Covid today – wreaked havoc with businesses around the world. His columns also featured his views on the early days of social media and warned against “diarrhoea of the fingertips” with overzealous sales copy.

Now, to coincide with Halloween, bring some light relief from the horror of the Covid-19 global pandemic and provide tips from a master craftsman, the GMA has launched the free e-book Killer Copy in a Crisis.

An exclusive collection of articles published from 2008 to 2010, the foreword is written by industry “guru” Drayton Bird.

GMA founder and managing partner Matt Edgar said: “Herschell put his pen down for the very last time almost four years ago. His advice, however, is timeless and will still resonate with marketers in 2020. Personally, I think it’s a must-read for anyone with the word marketing in their job title.”

To download your free copy visit the GMA website>

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