Royal Mail offers brands new door-to-door incentives

door_dropRoyal Mail has launched a raft of new incentives for brand owners to sign up for door-drop marketing campaigns, making its service far more accessible for a range of companies and allowing businesses of all sizes to start on the long road to recovery from the coronavirus crisis.

The move follows the launch of Royal Mail’s Covid-19 Open for Business Incentive, covering Advertising Mail, Responsible Mail and Partially Addressed Mail, earlier this month. That scheme has strict criteria for firms to qualify but the Royal Mail Door-to-Door offers seem designed to attract a wider market.

Although there is nothing about the incentives on the Royal Mail website, The Letterbox Consultancy – a licensed reseller for Royal Mail – has drawn up a document detailing the overhaul.

One of the biggest changes is the scrapping of minimum order values, potentially opening up the channel to thousands of local businesses.

Previously, clients needed to meet a minimum spend level, which equated to around 8,000 leaflets, but now brands can run campaigns in just one postal sector if required.

Royal Mail has also cut the lead time for campaigns from three-weeks for standard bookings to a week subject to agreement, while there are seasonal incentives for companies that increase the volume of their door-drops from previous years.

Meanwhile, there are heavily discounted rates available to enable long-term lapsed or potential large volume customers to trial the door to door service and prove the effectiveness of the channel compared to other media.

Letterbox Consultancy director Neal Dodd said: “We welcome these changes from Royal Mail and believe they are a great first step in supporting businesses affected by the Covid-19 situation on a local, regional and national level.

“In addition to the added discount opportunities, options for a quicker turnaround time will mean that companies can turn on door drop activity quickly and cost effectively to help boost their recovery.”

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