Heathrow hands Acxiom CRM brief

Heathrow hands Acxiom CRM briefHeathrow Airport has strengthened its decade-long relationship with Acxiom by handing the data company the brief to upgrade and manage its CRM database.
The appointment will see Acxiom integrate Heathrow’s data with its various retailers and advertisers in an effort to incrementally drive revenue and improve customer experience.
The strategy is designed to enable Heathrow to use its customer data to react and listen to events in realtime and personalise communications for passengers travelling through its four terminals. Some 73.4 million passengers pass through the airport each year.
As an Adobe accredited partner, this will involve Acxiom providing the airport with Adobe Campaign – part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud – designed to help deliver on its promise to ‘make every journey better’ for its customers.
The solution, which can also be fully integrated with Acxiom’s LiveRamp system – pooling both on- and offline data – will be primarily focused on driving membership of the Heathrow Rewards loyalty programme.
Other areas will include bookings for official Heathrow car parking, Heathrow Express and in-terminal service messaging to ensure a seamless experience when passing through the airport.
Heathrow head of ebusiness and CRM Simon Chatfield said: “Acxiom is the ideal partner for Heathrow because of its expertise in data connectivity – joining the dots between the individual and their experiences with us.
“We aim to offer our customers a rich and varied experience, tailored to their specific needs. By connecting our data with retailers, airlines, and other partners’ assets, we are able to recognise, better understand and creatively engage the growing number of customers who visit Heathrow each year.”

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