ITG signs up major brands

asdaA new company which exploits cutting edge technology to put clients in control of their data – with a senior team that includes former Royal Mail boss Allan Leighton – has signed up M&S, KFC, Asda and Audi ahead of this week’s official launch.
The Inspired Thinking Group (ITG) has achieved an annualised turnover of £30m just 18 months after its ‘soft launch’ and now plans a major drive to woo more clients.
ITG has developed a marketing management system – Media Centre – that enables marketers to drive value across their marketing supply chain and join up processes and budgets that have traditionally been fragmented.
The core offering puts clients in full control of their marketing data, allowing them to join up their processes and make informed decisions about the suppliers they use.
Media Centre is Web-based and supplier agnostic so clients use it to coordinate and manage every aspect of their marketing process while on the move.
The greater accountability and transparency that Media Centre delivers has proven to be attractive to retailers and brands in the current economic climate.
The management team, led by Simon Ward and supported by Leighton and business guru Rene Carayol, has enabled ITG to quietly become a major player in UK marketing today.
Carayol said: “The secret of ITG’s success is its culture; every member of the team is encouraged to think on behalf of the client and anticipate problems before they arise. ITG is the turbocharger that every large marketing department needs.”

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