Jägermeister ad bombed by ASA

Jägermeister ad bombed by ASAJägermeister – the favourite tipple of Jägerbomb junkies everywhere – has been splattered by the ad watchdog for running an ad which linked alcohol with “tough, daring” behaviour.
The brand’s debut TV ad, devised by Red Brick Road, featured a group of friends leaving for a road trip in the early hours. The men were shown travelling through snowy, mountainous terrain in a truck, and one scene showed them getting out of the truck to push it through a snow drift.
The men were later shown carrying surf boards and changing into wetsuits before jumping into the ocean. They were then shown surfing on large waves and, as they returned to shore, patting each other on the back and congratulating one another.
Later, in the evening, they were shown in a log cabin at a bar, where they each received a shot of Jägermeister in a frozen glass and were shown raising their glasses to one another while the voice-over stated, “Jägermeister. It runs deep”.
However, despite the fact that the brand only featured after their icy surf, the Youth Alcohol Advertising Council challenged whether shots of the friends travelling the harsh terrain and surfing together linked alcohol to irresponsible behaviour.
Jägermeister claimed surfing is a common sport in Iceland and therefore was not “dangerous or risky”. It stressed that the only image of the drink was at the end of the ad when the story had moved to a bar, a “clearly different environment” to the scenes set outside.
Unimpressed, the Advertising Standards Authority said the inclusion of the drink alongside physically demanding and challenging activities made a clear association between the brand and daring behaviour.
It banned the ad from appearing again.

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  1. I remember seeing this Jagermeister advert and thinking it wouldn’t pass ASA rules >>

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