Joe Browns to ramp up online personalisation strategy

joe browns nJoe Browns, the UK-based online clothing retailer, is planning to boost its personalisation strategy after witnessing a major uplift in conversions following the implementation of Qubit technology.
The brand has been working with Qubit since 2016 and has been able to evaluate a multitude of different online customer experiences without making upfront changes to the site.
Joe Browns’ ecommerce team will now move to a second phase of experience design and delivery in the autumn that includes the development of an online segmentation and personalisation strategy.
“With Qubit we’ve been able to test the best ways of creating more relevant and rewarding experiences for our customers,” said Simon Lewis, head of e-commerce at Joe Browns. “Now we’re developing a segmentation and personalisation strategy to drive customer loyalty, and create a truly engaging and relevant experience, no matter who you are or what you are looking for on the site. Broad-stroke optimisation to every visitor is not where we see the future, we need to be smarter in the ways we engage different segments of customers.”
Joe Browns has also been ramping up its digital investment as part of its plans for international expansion and ahead of opening its first retail store later in the year. Internationally, each market will have different requirements for personalisation, and Qubit acts as a solution that can scale and flex to these requirements.
Qubit chief executive Graham Cooke said: “The Qubit platform will continue to enable Joe Browns to be more competitive, help them achieve its business goals, and give the team an even better understanding of their visitors. Personalisation is key to being a customer-centric business and I’m delighted it has already seen substantial ROI with our technology.”

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