Junior marketers the key driving force of CX innovation

old youngSenior marketers might claim to have all the big ideas but it is their junior counterparts who are playing a leading role in driving innovation, with testing new techniques and ideas to improve customer experiences now a major part of their day-to-day activities.

So says a report from digital experience platform provider Optimizely, which reveals that half of all marketing assistants in the UK are now actively testing new ideas, compared to third (34%) of marketing managers.

The Culture of Experimentation study, which is based on a survey of 200 UK in-house marketing executives, assistants and managers, shows junior team members are being entrusted with driving innovation and change to improve customer satisfaction.

Just 14% of juniors say they do not have the freedom to try new things, while only a quarter (24%) say their opinion is not valued by senior team members.

Optimizely CMO Kirsten Allegri Williams reckons it is “encouraging” to see so many junior marketers in the UK being inspired to challenge established marketing practices.

She added: “Experimentation is integral to the customer experience, so introducing this mindset and challenging the status quo can significantly impact how brands interact with their audiences in a positive way.

“Junior marketers are the ones who are likely to shape the future of UK marketing. Bringing this experimentation practice will absolutely help to advance their careers, along with their enthusiasm and a fresh thinking.

“It’s vital that senior team members embrace this and drive collaboration at all levels, making everyone feel heard so new data-based changes are implemented wherever possible.”

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