Lloyds Group suffers first mass hack attack of 2017

lloydsLloyds Banking Group has the dubious honor of becoming the first major brand to fall victim to a massive cyber attack in 2017, wreaking havoc in its online services.
The attack is being attributed to an international hacking group that launched a so-called distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack – where millions of infected computers are used to bombard a single site to disrupt its service – which lasted for two days.
Customers were reportedly unable to make payments online or check their account balances, although unlike Tesco Bank customers they did not suffer financial loses as a result of the attack.
Although Lloyds has only just made a statement about the attack, it is understood the bank was actually targeted by hackers around two weeks ago in a mass attack on a number of high street lenders. Lloyds is the only company to admit it was affected.
Lloyds said in a statement: “We experienced intermittent service issues with Internet banking between Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon the week before last and are sorry for any inconvenience caused.”
“We had a normal service in place for the vast majority of this period and only a small number of customers experienced problems. In most cases if customers attempted another log-in they were able to access their accounts. We will not speculate on the cause of these intermittent issues.”

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