Marketers abandon quest for a single customer view

big data still big problem for marketersOne of the biggest phenomena of the 21st century – the single customer view – is proving as elusive as the Holy Grail itself, according to marketers at the sharp-end, who insist they have neither the know-how nor the resources to pull in all the different datasets.
International data analytics and analysis company BlueVenn has even written a book about the issue, entitled Mythical Beasts of Marketing.
Based on a poll of 200 marketing professionals from both the UK and the US, more than four fifths (82%) felt the SCV – as it is dubbed – was impossible to achieve.
And with fewer than a third feeling their brand has mastered omnichannel marketing, they are abandoning the SCV approach in their droves.
BlueVenn marketing director Anthony Botibol said: “More than ever, marketers have the data available to them to effectively track their customers throughout the sales cycle and truly understand what makes them tick. Unfortunately, our research suggests that most marketers either don’t have the tools, the time, or simply the skills necessary to access and utilise the data available to them.
“The result is a generation of marketers who often give up before they start on strategies such as omnichannel marketing and the single customer view, when the tools to achieve them are readily-available. Marketing departments can often shy away from what they see as complex data analysis tasks, however with the right software and data analytics programs the complexity, in reality, is actually no more than learning an email marketing tool or CRM platform. With the right systems in place there’s no reason why the SCV needs to be a mythical beast.”

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