Odeon ushers in CRM system to boost engagement

odeonOdeon Cinemas is aiming to bolster its customer engagement strategy by implementing a new marketing platform which will unleash omnichannel communications across mobile, social and email.
The company already runs the Première Club loyalty programme, which has more than 2 million members, but it is supplementing this by implementing the Selligent CRM platform.
Selligent is working with Odeon’s marketing teams in the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain to install its marketing platform in each country, and to develop engagement strategies for the 244 cinema chain.
The company will also help Odeon to create a 360° profile of its customer base. It is claimed that analysis of this data will allow the cinema group to execute marketing campaigns in a flexible, targeted and customer-focused manner.
Selligent’s solution also enables web content and experiences to be personalised around specific interests. Website data can also be used to customise messaging across other channels.
Odeon Group head of commercial and strategic programmes Geraint Evans said: “Cinema attendance across Europe is as popular as ever, but we believe there are huge opportunities to grow our business further by innovating as we engage and communicate directly with our guests.
“Our partnership with Selligent introduces a degree of sophistication and personalisation that has never been used before in our industry. We’re already seeing very positive reactions from customers as we communicate with them in a more meaningful manner, and we are excited about the opportunities this presents.”
Founded in 1990 in Belgium, Selligent now employs 500 people across 10 offices around the world and works with 700 brands in 30 countries, including Asda, Samsung, ING, InterContinental Hotels, Audi and Opel.

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