Sainsbury’s opens ‘self-service’ online ad platform

sainsbury's 2Sainsbury’s Group has overhauled its digital advertising platform, giving brands and agencies a self-service model to launch online campaigns, providing what the retail giant calls “a one stop shop solution” for those “looking to win at targeted digital marketing”.

Operated by Nectar360, the company behind the Nectar loyalty programme, the scheme was first launched in November 2020 as a managed service and covers the digital properties of Sainsbury’s group brands.

Digital activity can also be integrated with in-store channels to aid recall at the point of purchase as well as clicking through directly to the product page on the website.

Through the new self-serve platform, Nectar360 claims that advertisers will be able to launch digital media campaigns quickly and effectively, providing realtime optimisation and performance reporting, closing the loop on in-store and online sales.

The firm said: “[The platform] provides a one stop shop solution for clients and agencies looking to win at targeted digital marketing, whilst providing strong returns on advertising spend.

“Through this targeting, brands can use the wealth of permissioned data collected as part of Nectar’s loyalty programme.”

“Nectar customer audiences can be easily and efficiently activated against in the self-service platform, complemented with performance insights delivered in realtime.”

The platform comprises four key components.

Firstly, the “audience builder” allows the user to pick from a selection of pre-built audiences aligned to key customer segments and demographics, as well as the ability to create their own bespoke audiences to meet campaign needs.

These audiences are refreshed in realtime, returning counts detailing the addressable audience size, powered by Nectar’s first party data.

The “campaign builder” enables users to upload and edit advertising creative, which also automatically activates across Meta’s social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. In future this will be expanded to other channels including the wider web (display and video).

Realtime optimisation is available once the campaign is live through its “campaign optimiser” module, where brands can amend campaigns according to realtime metrics that cover a variety of measures, including live sales data from both online and instore transactions.

Finally, the “insights tab” contains campaign performance data, allowing brands to export reports, alongside any other performance marketing campaigns.

Nectar360 director Amir Rasekh said: “Our digital trading platform is at the heart of Nectar360’s ambitions to be a frontrunner in digital marketing and retail media.

“We know that our proprietary and easy-to-use platform is just what our brands and agencies have been asking for.

“Following a successful trial, we are confident that we have built a market leading product that will meet the needs of our FMCG clients, their agencies, and in future our general merchandise clients and Nectar coalition partners.”

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