Tesco reboots media platform for ‘precision at scale’

clubcard again1Tesco has signed a raft of new “offsite” partners for its Media & Insight Platform as part of a major overhaul of the scheme which it claims will allow “advertisers to deliver precision at scale”.

Launched 12 months ago, and powered by DunnHumby, Tesco insists more than 450 of the UK’s leading brands have already used the closed-loop platform, which taps into Tesco Clubcard data and instore insights, and aims to help brands drive more interactive, two-way relationships with customers.

The new offsite partnerships with media owners, including ITVX, Pinterest and The Trade Desk, are designed to allow brands to reach Tesco customers via new channels. These are supported by “clean room” data deals with with InfoSum and LiveRamp, that allow different firms to match up their datasets without ever sharing their own first-party data.

Tesco is also expanding onsite opportunities for brands, with new sponsored placements on Tesco.com and updated app inventory, “revitalised” special offers pages and improved brand zones, giving FMCG brands more options to educate customers, stand out earlier in the customer journey and reduce friction, Tesco maintains.

In addition, the retailer is planning to update in-store options for brands in 2023, with Scan As You Shop media placements and the return of online sampling. This comes alongside the SmartScreen network, and the continued roll out of Tesco in-store Connected Displays.

Tesco membership and loyalty director Tash Whitmey, the former CEO of Havas CX Helia, commented: “One year on we’re gaining real momentum. Tesco’s weekly media reach rivals some of the biggest online platforms and we’re excited about opportunities to help brands to connect with their customers in a meaningful way, at scale.

“It is a big part of our strategy, through I Love my Tesco Clubcard, to better engage our customers and provide them a more personalised and responsive offer. We’re using our unrivalled digital platform to create additional value and increase loyalty, making sure that the more customers use Tesco, the more useful it is to them.”

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