That’s the way to do it: Volvo takes direct route to recall

volvoVolvo is showing Whirlpool how data-savvy companies deal with product recall issues by launching a major direct mail campaign in the UK to inform 70,000 customers with diesel vehicles that they should get their cars fixed by their local dealership.
The move is part of a global recall of more than 500,000 diesel vehicles that suffer from a fault, which the Swedish firm insists “in very rare cases” a plastic part of the engine can “melt and deform” and in “extreme cases” catch fire.
The letter states: “We will do our utmost to perform this action without any unnecessary inconvenience.” A second letter will be sent confirming when a solution to the problem is available.
Volvo did not say how many fires had been recorded, but said that there had been no reports of injuries related to the fault, which affects some models manufactured in the past five years.
The car-maker’s response puts US white goods giant Whirlpool to shame. Earlier this week Decision Marketing reported that the firm has resorted to launching an ad campaign to flag up the recall of around 500,000 faulty tumble dryers, sparking questions over why it has not invested in gone-away and home-movers files to find its former customers.

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