Top brands adopt AI analytics to slash carbon and costs

pubs_takeaways2Major restaurant, pub and takeaway chains – including Burger King, KFC, Côte, Fuller’s, Marston’s, McDonald’s and Fridays – are turning to AI-driven data analytics to slash their carbon emissions and costs, as the energy crisis threatens to burn a huge hole in their profits.

The analytics platform is run by the Zero Carbon Forum, a not-for-profit organisation set up by former Cable & Wireless commercial manager Mark Chapman, which drives collaborative action between over 40 leading pub, restaurant, coffee and takeaway operators to measure, report and reduce carbon emissions and improve profitability.

The tailored platform enables operators to instantly identify energy waste, take control of their consumption and deliver cost and carbon savings.

Zero Carbon Company is an affiliate business that is one of the UK hospitality industry’s leading net-zero advisors; data and analytics director David Street said the technology can promote best practice in the kitchen, especially when operators are typically using more than 50 pieces of equipment a day.

He explained: “The current climate is extremely challenging, so it’s even more important that operators actively manage their energy use every day and minimise waste. Turning equipment on early, leaving it on overnight and poorly maintaining it can all cost over £100 a week per outlet in unnecessary energy use.

“With a typical outlet operating more than 50 pieces of equipment every day, identifying the source of the energy waste can be difficult.

“It’s fantastic to see operators such as Burger King, Côte and Fridays supporting their teams with the dynamic tools they need to identify actionable insights which help control energy consumption and keep costs and carbon down.”

The AI carbon analytics dashboard displays bespoke and actionable insights to help organisations identify and eliminate carbon inefficiencies, accelerating the progress to net zero emissions. Its insights engine also automatically uncovers and alerts users to emerging usage trends hidden within their data so that remedial action can be taken.

The Zero Carbon Forum  recently launched the Save While You Sleep energy saving programme which also uses the analytics platform and has so far achieved energy savings worth up to £12,000 and avoided eight tonnes of CO2, per outlet, being emitted.

The move comes as hospitality businesses are bracing themselves for an 82% rise in their energy bills when the Government’s support is significantly reduced in April. Businesses expect a 101% increase in energy bills during the first quarter of 2023, compared to the same period last year.

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