Top clients join campaign to promote the power of mail

mail 2Royal Mail is bolstering its drive to get more brands to wake up to the joys of mail by enlisting a raft of senior client and agency chiefs to extol the virtues of the medium.

The postal giant’s business division, Royal Mail MarketReach, has joined forces with its agency MBAstack to the launch an interview series to get unique industry perspectives from CMOs, as well as thought leaders from the worlds of media, behavioural science, and creativity.

The Mail Unleashed campaign aims to authentically communicate the benefits of direct mail, positively influence perceptions, and showcase its potential to both newcomers and seasoned professionals.

The first season of Mail Unleashed addressed common misconceptions surrounding direct mail, emphasising its effectiveness as a marketing channel, and featured CMOs including Pete Markey of Boots UK, Lis Blair of MoneySuperMarket, Ellie Norman of Manchester United, and Tony Miller at Weight Watchers to challenge conventional thinking.

With paid media on Meta and LinkedIn delivering impressive results for season one – almost 15 million impressions and 1.7 million video views and counting – ‘ Mail Unleashed’ season two promises to unlock a world where direct mail takes centre stage, captivating recipients with its impact.

Spearheaded by Ogilvy Rory Sutherland, vice chairman of Ogilvy UK and the founder of the behavioural science practice, Season 2 participants will share unique insights and perspectives, and discuss the innovative strategies and successes within their own companies.

The line-up includes Tesco group director of loyalty, membership, and CRM Tash Whitmey, AA group membership and loyalty director Natalie Milner Astroten founder and best-selling author Richard Shotton, former senior marketing and CRM director at Hearst UK Seema Kumari, and MBAstack executive creative director Jack Gallon.

The new series kicks off with Kumari, with more episodes available on the Mail Unleashed hub>

Earlier this week, MarketReach published the findings of a new study, entitled “The Attention Advantage: Exploring the impact of mail in an attention-scarce world”, which revealed that the vast majority (63%) of recipients said mail attracts their undivided attention.

Based on research by MarketReach and Blue Yonder involving 1,475 pieces of mail, the findings, as well as Jicmail data, were rigorously analysed by WARC to offer valuable insights that it is claimed have the potential to reshape the strategies and practices of advertisers, marketers, media and communication professionals alike.

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