We haven’t had enough GDPR training, marketers insist

gdpr2A fifth of marketers claim they have not received enough training on GDPR, with the same number bemoaning the fact that their companies are not putting ongoing training plans in place.

So says a new study from the DMA, in partnership with OneTrust Preference Choice, which just so happens to provide extensive GDPR training programmes.

The commercial relationship between the DMA and OneTrust has already raised a few eyebrows in the industry, although the DMA has insisted that the trade body’s independence will not be compromised by the deal.

According to the online survey, while 65% of respondents feel they have received the right training on key data privacy issues, 20% say their employers are not implementing ongoing training and 21% said they have not received enough training to be compliant with GDPR in the first place.

Additionally, 18% of marketers said the GDPR expert who conducted their training didn’t have enough experience in marketing.

The survey of 202 marketers was conducted in August 2019. Respondents were mostly from small organisations (43%) and mixed business-to-business and business-to-customer businesses ( 46%). Data was collated and analysed by the DMA’s insight department.

DMA head of insight Tim Bond said: “Although many marketers recognise the importance of ongoing training programmes, it seems not all organisations are planning to deliver such programmes.

“It’s vital that the implementation deadline is regarded as the starting point for enhancing data protection standards, and so ongoing learning is equally as important to ensure businesses remain compliant.”

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