WPNC Digital builds carers’ tool for civil service charity

civil servantsThe Charity for Civil Servants, which can trace its roots back to 1886, is continuing its digital overhaul with a new online tool to help current, former and retired civil servants get support as informal carers.

The Carer’s Passport and Statement Digital Tool has been developed by WPNC Digital and is designed to increase the number of applicants accessing support, while automating the process to reduce the amount of staff time required to generate documents.

Scheduled to launch in the lead-up to Carers Rights Day (November 26), the Carer’s Passport details the caring responsibilities of a serving civil servant.

It is used by the carer to facilitate a conversation with their employer about the impact their caring responsibilities may have on their role and work/life balance, enabling open discussions about reasonable adjustments to their workload that may be possible.

The tool means the employee can start a conversation without being forced to repeat or explain themselves due to a change in employer or personnel.

The Carer’s Statement Digital Tool is a similar document, but is offered to current, former and retired civil servants to facilitate conversations with healthcare, social care and other professionals who may be involved with supporting the carer or the person they care for.

Both documents will be accompanied by an action plan, which lists other relevant organisations or sources of support and is tailored to the needs of the applicant.

The charity’s staff will be available via phone and instant chat to assist applicants with the tool, which is the latest example of WPNC’s expertise in digital service design and build.

The tool features a self-service digital version of the carer’s questionnaire used to create the passport, statement and action plan. The tool automatically creates securely stored PDF versions and sends links via email to the applicant.

The Charity for Civil Servant head of caring and health services Linda Eades said: “It is vitally important for employers to recognise and respond to the situation of civil servants who care for someone while also doing their job.

“Our new tool removes time and effort from the application process so we can deliver support far more efficiently to those who need it.

“The tool also enables former and retired civil servants to quickly create a carer’s statement, as well as receiving their personal action plan.”

WPNC Digital managing director Vicky Reeves added: “At present, a significant amount of human intervention is required to process an application, and create and issue the carer’s passport, statement and action plan documents.

“At peak times, it can take the charity around six weeks to process a single application for the service so this really is a digital transformation for the service.”

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