Wunderman signs global data deal

wunderman signs global data dealWunderman’s data division, KBM Group, has signed a global deal to boost its consumer engagement platform and offer its clients deeper insights into their customers.
The agency has selected Provenir, which specialises in real-time engagement technology and big data cloud-based solutions, to provide data to overlay onto its own Impact 360 Consumer Engagement Platform (CEP).
KBM describes the system as a “multi-faceted mega-architecture that implements a comprehensive suite of functions to enable data-driven customer engagement”.
However, a less-jargon fuelled description is that it collects and connects data from a variety of online and offline sources – including client databases, digital data and social and mobile media – to deliver personalised marketing.
Provenir’s technology will pinpoint whereabouts consumers are in the customer “journey”, allowing automatic generation of real-time messages such as “next best offer”.
Provenir president Mark Smith added: “Being an expert in all things data, KBM Group is the type of agency we love to work with. Their focus on capitalising on big data and moving this into the new real-time marketing world is the driving force behind to creating engaging customer journeys.”
Earlier this year, Havas EHS signed a deal with Provenir to provide a service which allows clients to proactively listen to what their customers are saying across social media and other digital channels and engage with them in real-time.

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